Playerauctions payment failed

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Playerauctions payment failed

You are viewing the PayPal Community Archives. This content may be old or outdated. Leave the Archive. Learn more in Community Events. I bought a prepaid mastercard and attached it to my paypal account and tried purchasing a game item from playerauctions. The first time I tried I ended up cancelling because I had to go and I was worried and unsure of what I had to be doing so when I came home I tried again.

The first transaction on paypal says "cancalled" which is fine, but the next two transactions I tried making on the same item didn't go through authorization, so the transaction was automatically cancelled. I checked on the mastercard website and all of my money that I was going to spend on the purchase is unavailable, which I'm assuming is what paypal is still holding onto?

I'm not able to remove my credit card from my account until the transaction has been completed but I have no way of removing it and like I said, Playerauctions says it's been cancelled and never went through in the first place. Cookies help us customize the PayPal Community for you, and some are necessary to make our site work.

By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Learn more OK. Browse categories. Ask the Community Help the Community. Choose where to post your question. Send Request Business Help Community. Log in. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.

Search instead for. Did you mean:. Playerauctions purchase authorization failed but Paypal says it's pending? New Community Member.Very good platform for buying and selling, they have informed me they are working on faster response times which is great news that they are looking to improve all the time and you sell your account with no risk of getting scammed. I tried to buy a League of Legends account on this site two weeks ago.

But it was canceled and I was charged. I have never seen my money again. Absolutely not to be recommended! I've previously used PlayerAuctions in the past when buying Gold with no real problems.

This is the first time buying an Account. I tried to purchase an account using my debit card, it was charged then immediately declined. Bank still shows this charge as "pending" so we'll see if I get refunded. I read some reviewed and realized that I may need to update my contact information on PA, as I did move to a different state. I updated my address but was unable to update my name to Joseph. I then attempted to purchase through GPay using same bank card etc.

I sent all the requested documents and its now going on 3 hours with no updates if i've sent the correct forms needed etc I'll come back here to edit once i have updated info. Can you check on IDand make sure i'm properly refunded for this transaction? Bank is showing the transaction as pending on my end. So far I haven't had any issues with the service. I purchased a Valorant key, the process of payment was easy but they require verification of your card, I answered within 5 minutes and it has now been 5 hours.

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It said 20 minutes till delivery, its ridiculous. Update: It has been 10 hours and no answer. Same as the previous poster but its been 5 hours already. Didin't think the process would take this long and should've used crypto or skrill to avoid all this.

Some delays but in the end got what I wanted ty. Big thank you to the staff at playerauctions, specifically Richard for helping me resolve the issues I was having. I recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a reliable middleman service! Thanks again. Had a problem with their services but ended up with a refund the same day. Sold an account, I had contact with support until it had been sold. I retrieved my account by sending proof to the game developers I was the original owner. Don't trust this scam of a website.

Sold an account, the buyer starts a dispute because they can't verify the email, after me doing everything I can to get the buyer the account with no response, so I escalated. As soon as I escalate the buyer accesses the account and changes the passwords so I no longer have access, at this point I message the buyer to see what's going on and they reply on playerauctions to tell me to confirm they have account and they intend to make sure I get the money for the account but playerauctions won't let her add any messages or photo's.

playerauctions payment failed

A few days later the supposedly impartial final resolution committee reviewed in the favor of the buyer, so I lost my account and have no money after using a 3rd party site which sole person is to stop this type of thing from happening.

EDIT: To playerauctions credit they rectified the issue within 24 hours, I'm not sure how the decision went that way initially but at least they got there in the end. Very legitimate websitevery professional. I work as a seller on this platform since almost 2 years.

I still think the staff needs more understanding about the games if problems occur between the buyer and the seller and the website still needs some little upgradesnevertheless very good businessand I highly recommend buying from highly reviewed sellers to avoid any problems.Absolutely atrocious website i used it a few years ago and it worked fine enough, took a while to get my account but it wasn't that bad.

This time however i bought 1 item and they have so far tried to charge my account 4 times without me even being on their website. The "customer support" thing zendesk is useless i got an initial response asking for verification, I provided it and only after waiting 24 hours did I get a response, and they needed a higher resolution picture to verify. After that i never got another response despite numerous messages and emails trying to get this over with so i didn't have to wait another entire day.

Before I could get a response from the support for verification the seller canceled the order and I still have 4 pending charges on my card as of writing. If despite all this you still want to order something on this website get ready for that 24 hour response time and their INSANE requirements for payment verification i had to send a picture of ID, a picture of my card i used with the numbers blocked, a picture of my bank statement showing the charge, and a selfie of myself with my ID next to me.

Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me. Bought stuff from them multiple times, Haven't had a problem yet and it was fast n easy. Edit: Had an issue but support reacted fast and got refunded quickly. I have previously bought from him and it went through and was delivered quickly.

I message him and ask him whyd he do that and that the delivery wasn't even fulfilled im guessing so he can keep his 20 min delivery guarantee and then he asks for my name and I give it to him. I give it to him and a hour goes by he doesn't send it. I go to sleep wake up check my ESO account mailbox. I message again he tells me "I am sorry for delay I will give you bonus extra when ready let me know.

I guess im just the lucky winner of getting scammed award. Okay so I was trying to buy currency for a game but when I was paying and confirm the payment I receive a error message always then I went to see my account if I had enough money and at the same time I noticed that I had already spent an amount on your website but I have no order.

Please help. Only after I sold account they… Only after I sold account they suspended my account. Account was never botted or shared or sold how they telling to other people. Rest assured accounts now after suspending will be recovered for sure. Edited Nickname: Olivermaxed. Use to buy purchase so much off this website but the payment methods are broken. Would really love some help on fixing this issue I really want to purchase this account.

I placed an order and after having to submit pictures of my ID and payment method, as well as a "selfie" while holding both of those, my order was not processed after more than 18 hours of waiting and conversing mostly one-sided.

playerauctions payment failed

I cancelled my order and will take my business elsewhere and I will never do business with this site again. The lack of professionalism is staggering here. Bought a OSRS account and the seller recovered the account. I filed a dispute and playerauctions support has been ignoring all my messages. I provided over 10 screenshots as evidence. It's been over a month now and they are still ignoring my messages. I ordered from 4 websites to get the gold I needed. PlayerAuction was the only one that gave it to me in less than 24 hours.

The tool was awesome and facilitated communication through out the process.Worked perfectly. It was fast and I did not get scammed. Im really enjoying the fortnite account i bought. Tried to buy a dota account I paid throught card and they declined, i went to check if i got charged but i wasnt so i was like its ok i will try with something else.

I tried paying with neteller and the payment went through and i was like hell yeah :D After 2 mins the canceled the orded while they received their money Afterwards i tried contacting their support and the only thing they are doing there is sending automatic messages their manager told them to sent. They cant talk properly or help you at all. They didnt do anything about the order and now i have to wait to get my refund They didnt even confirm that i am getting the refund In their site it said that i need to confirm the payment if i paid through neteller and i sent the m proof but they didnt even confirm anything they kept answering with automatic messages and now I am here waiting with the seller their lazy ss to do something.

Definnetly not using that site again,since they removed paypal they only thing they want is bitcoins and sh! States on the site "20 minutes" for this payment check to be completed. EDIT: Deleted account. Much better platforms out there the lack of customer service is disturbing. Verifying payment. Order no Layout was simple and easy for a noob like me.

Process was smooth and easy. The only issue I got was verifying payment and Compliance requires snapshot of my Credit card, ID and payment receipt even though my payment went through and was approved.

What is the PlayerAuctions Payment Center?

I am not exactly comy with sending all these confidential information hence my order is still stucked. Is it a normal process to send these info necessary?

Never encountered on all my online purchases. Edited: Received an email from their support but with incomplete login account and was supplied with a link to contact their sales supportplayerauctions.

Thats when the "fun" starts. They suggested that although after all the verification, the payment was still not accepted by their bank and in order to receive the complete login details, I need to send them Steam wallet of the same value or higher and they will process the login and refund me the earlier payment.

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And nothing happens after that. No complete login details No refund No news at all If its is the seller i am still that angry. It's their customer support that is doing all this sh!The PlayerAuctions Payment Cerner has been up and running for a few weeks now. Feedback from you, our members has been great and this post we thought we give you a bit of the who, what, where when and why of the PlayerAuctions Payment Center.

A: When a member makes a purchase on PlayerAuctions, we provide, through payment center, a number of different payment gateways allowing the user to select the payment option they want.

A: Choice — With so many of our users living in so many different countries, the choice of which payment gateway to use can be confusing! We help make it easier for our members. We know the different markets and we know which gateways are the most appropriate.

Through payment center, we provide, a number of different payment gateways allowing the user to select the payment option they want. Security — This is the natural evolution of our existing PlayerGuardian Technology. We are determined to ensure that our members are able to trade safely and securely. We continually review our security processes to ensure they deliver for, and protect, our members. Speed — One of the things which we have been working on is how to speed up the payment authorization process.

It is a challenge to find that balance of implementing sufficient and realistic timeframes to review payments but without any unnecessary delay. It is a challenge but the positive results and quicker times we have seen since we launched Payment Center are great to see!

Adaptability — We realise that e-commerce and online trading is changing at breakneck speed, which is why, when building Payment Center from the ground up, we built for adaptability and extension. If we need to add a new gateway to the product, we can do that in a week!! This provides a great platform for us to build on and adapt as the market changes. A: No. We have seamlessly built Payment Center into the PlayerAuctions marketplace.

As long as you have an existing PA Account, user name and password, then Payment Center is available for you to use! A: We support countries.

However, we are frequently adding new countries and exploring new opportunities. We realise our users prefer choice. A: In the unlikely event of a member experiencing fraud, our Customer service teams are on hand to help. You can contact them at: support playerauctions.

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A: Payment Center is a PlayerAuctions product. Our team has been busy working the midnight oils to create a product that better supports the safe and secure process of payments.

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The product is still relatively young and our member feedback has been invaluable in refining and modifying the product. Payment Center has been a long time in the works. The need to ensure a consistent and unified process was paramount to protecting your trades. Allowing members to pay via different options would lead to increased confusion, increased complexity and would make the job of securing your trades more difficult. Consolidating all payments through our Payment Center was a careful and deliberate choice to create the safest possible environment for your trades.

A: Well, we have a number of goals which we are moving towards. Our short-term goal is to embed the product fully into the trading process. A: If you have any feedback on the Payment Center or if you have any suggestions then we would love to hear from you.

Insert Contact details. Feedback from you, our members has been great and this post we thought we give […]. Find Out Now. What is the PlayerAuctions Payment Center? Q: What is Payment Center? Q: How does Payment Center work?PlayerAuctions has a consumer rating of 3. PlayerAuctions also ranks 1st among Virtual Goods sites.

This company responds to reviews on average within 2 days.


I recently made a purchase through this company and had no issues at all with them. Make sure to check your email right after completion because they might have a few things they want you to send them to verify you as the buyer. Glad that they did that though, security is not something that should be taken for granted. They suspended my account right after I register because they claim me "already have an account" and what they call "security reasons".

When I try to argue with them, the response I got is "PlayerAuctions may suspend or terminate a Registered User's Account at any time".

playerauctions payment failed

Customer Service is doing an "excellent" job, it feels like talking to a robot instead of a human, it's really very bad experience. Just don't use their service. Trust me, you will save a lot of your nerves and time if you don't. How to get started. Unless you want to be scammed to lose time and money, in which case go ahead and continue using playerauctions. You got scammed! So did I. Don't do business with this company, they stole my money after my account was recovered merely a month later -- I'll be reporting them to the BBB after tonight.

Their english is not proficient to be doing business in the US and their work ethic is just terrible. Please email support playerauctions. If you have proof of any kind, please include it as attachments so our team can investigate on it right away. Kindly write another question here if you need further help so I can assist you. Sorry for the inconvenience with this. Hi Dejana. Refunds should be automatic, but please email us at support playerauctions.

Sincere apologies. Hello Daniel. I am very sorry about this, but if our system finds out that there are discrepancies in your account, the payment options for that account would be limited. Rest assured that no funds will be taken out of your payment account with this.

Kindly check your information and make sure they are accurate and up-to-date, then please try purchasing again at a later time and date. Sincere apologies, Daniel.

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Hello Mikael. Could you please try accessing the site again on a different browser?Its been 7 hours and they are still verifying my payment. I thought its 0 - 20 minutes?

I have a request to change my phone number. Why is everything takes days to be completed? ID: Also I have an another one ticket more than a month ago to change my phone number ID: I have provided a picture of myself, my drivers license, as well proof of my residency - to which I have not heard anything on the matter.

Please respond to this and help get it sorted PA, I will change my review rating as soon as you've replied to the matter. An agent contact me and hopefully we can sort it out soon!

Will fully re-write the review when this whole thing is over with. Thanks again! It is really frustrating to wait for them to reply back to you for the customer service.

I made a ticket about disbursement account change because I do not have any access to my old phone number anymore. I made a ticket like a day or two ago regarding that, no reply or whatsoever. So I just decided to make another ticket to update my phone number so I can change my disbursement account by myself without waiting. I got a reply within 2 hours and I provided all the personal information for identifications that they asked for. What makes me sad and frustrating here is that now I have to wait another days just to get verified.

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I might not get any replies from them. Getting even more worried and stressed as I reading the reviews. It is getting tried asf man. Edit They contacted me immediately on the ticket that I submitted and was solved within an hour. I guess they are having an issue on their site with some delay. Which is understandable but it would've been great if they noticed me that they are having issues. But long story short, I got my verification done and disbursement is scheduled to be withdrawn to my Skrill account in business days.

Frustrated but it was reasonable. I tried ordering an account using a prepaid Visa it charged my card and was stuck on pending payment, I have canceled it and not got a refund yet. Player Auctions is a great company. They have moved to more of a crypto currency platform.

So take that into consideration when purchasing. Tried placing a order, order paid, funds extracted from my bank account and was charged, only to find out that the playerauctions system failed both attempts, so i am down now. Im happy they answered quick! But then they sort of fell off with the communication.

Look, I used to love Playerauctions back when it had Paypal. Very reliable, simple, and easy payment process. Now that they removed it or Paypal removed their services from you, you only accept CC, Skrill, or Crypto.

Let me just say, You are never going to get my business by me paying or having anything to do with Crypto. Thank you very much.


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